Cut & Finish            £16                                                                                                        Time is taken to help achieve the style and finish you want to the highest standard.  Styled with Dapper Dan products so you leave feeling great.

Skin Fade             £20

A Little bit more time is given to allow time for the foils to ensure a smooth finish.  Your hair is finished with products from Dapper Dan.  You only need to book a skin fade if you are going down to the skin.  If its just a no guard you like then book the Cut & Finish.

Fade Refresh        £14

We will refresh the back and sides so your fade stays tight.  Although we don't cut the top, we will still style your hair.  We can't have you walking out looking not looking your best.

Under 14s            £10

Same top level service but cheaper.  It’s only fair since their heads are smaller.


Time Out             £21                                                                                                                                                    

The Cut & Finish with shampoo & Conditioning treatment.  A hot towel before a mini head massage at the basin during your shampoo & conditioning treatment.

Cut & Finish with Beard Trim    £25

Haircut & Style with line up with cut throat Including steam, hot towels and luxury products.

Cut & Finish with Shave           £32        

A full shave combined with your cut and finish that will leave you feeling fresh faced and relaxed.

Steam, hot towels & luxury products.

Beard Trim                            £12 

Line up with cut throat Including steam, hot towels and luxury products.


The Ultimate Chill!

We start with your hair, cutting and shaping to the style you want.  You may opt for a beard line up or full shave with hot towels, steam and top quality shave products before moving onto a face mask with hot towels.  We use masks from the Barber Pro range which include cleansing, hydrating as well as soothing & nourishing.

Once the mask is removed we will treat your skin with serums also from Barber Pro.

Before we style, you will be taken to the basin for a shampoo & conditioning treatment with a mini head massage.  As always we finish with Dapper Dan products! 

Its no wonder this is our number one Package!

Ultimate Chill  £28          With beard line up  £32          With full shave  £40

Our Services

Have a look through the services we offer.  Whether its a sharpen up or an hour or so of chill time, we can suit your needs.

We also offer a loyalty scheme to reward our loyal customers.  You will receive 50% off your 5th visit and a free service on your 10th service.

We like to thank our Armed Forces and Blue Light workers by offering 20% off the standard price of our services throughout the week.