With a distinct heritage rooted in luxury grooming, Dear Barber is at the forefront of a revolution in modern men's hair styling and grooming products.  This is why we found it to be the perfect fit in the shop to complement the style created by your barber as well as for you to buy and take home to maintain your style.


As more and more men are taking more notice of their grooming routine we decided to use BARBER PRO which is the first range of sheet masks developed specifically for men containing Activated Charcoal and anti-ageing collagen.

We use the award winning sheet masks as part of your Ultimate Chill package as well as stocking face serums and box sets to take home to continue to care for your skin.

Over the years, Proraso’s laboratories have given birth to timeless classics which embrace the present and look to the future: a complete shaving system, made of highly specialised items, professional service, highly developed formulas and natural ingredients.

We use Proraso in all our services.  From a splash af aftershave balm on the neck to the full range in our shave services.